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5 timeless marble mosaic waterjet tiles for your living space

Did you know that marble mosaics were a sign of wealth and importance during the time of the Roman Empire and all throughout history?

Mostly used in Roman baths and marketplaces, stone mosaics were also used in places of worship like synagogues and churches.

Today, marble mosaics still hold the same standard of elegance, and refinement.

Our customers love using marble tiles for their projects, as it provides luxury and increases the value of their homes.

Here we feature 5 of our most timeless marble mosaic waterjet cut tiles with inspiration photos for your next project.

  1. Neutral toned mosaics

12" x 12" Maze Haisa 250

2. Tapered mosaics

12 1/2" x 12" Tapered Mosaic 250

3. Hexagon mosaic tile

1" x 1" Black Hexagon Mosaic 206

4. Parquet waterjet mosaics

9 11/16x9 11/16 Marmara Deco 250

5. Geometric mosaics

11 15/16" x 11 15/16" Black Glacier Mosaic 404

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