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Decorative Tile Inspiration - Best Tiling Ideas For Patterned Tile

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Bring your space to life with the warmth and vibrant colors of decorative tiles. They can be used for walls or floor coverings, and are especially durable. Using decorative designs and geometric shapes are especially great for refreshing an old space, and are sure to add depth to your bathroom, kitchen, stairway, entryway, or any other living area. Patterned tiles are offered in a variety of materials, like ceramic, glass, porcelain or metal, with a seemingly infinite amount of sizes, shapes and designs.

See below for a handful of our favorite decorative tile ideas.

8" x 8" Winter 104

Colors famously associated with 60's and 70's design and fashion are used with these Winter patterned tiles. These porcelain patterns are sure to revamp tile design, and are offered with new digital printing technologies.

6" x 6" Moorish Biscuit Deco 154

Incorporate a touch of history with these hand-made tiles reminiscent of the iconic Moroccan Zellige tiles, but with a new twist.

5" x 5" Kenzi Casablanca 020

Mix and match tiles to create dimension and interest to your space as shown with our Kenzi Casablanca tiles. Offered in a variety of colors.

According to Elle Decor, patterned tiles in shades of blue and green create a spa-like feel in any room.

Concrete 3D Tiles 200

Using an accent wall as a point of focus will give you a chance to add a unique design to your space. 3D concrete tiles as shown above incorporate texture and style to a bathroom without it being overwhelming.

8" x 8" Cultures Series Deco 008

If you are on a budget, but still would like to incorporate floral tile designs into your space, you can use a portion of the kitchen backsplash to create contrast and a designer-like feel.

5" x 5" Deco G Ceramic Tiles 020

Decorative glazed ceramic tiles create an encaustic, hand-crafted look as well as an old-world charm. Influenced by Moroccan ceramics, the medallions and motifs are mixed with white matte tiles for a unique balance.

12" x 12" Mission Series 020

Inspired by hand-painted cement tiles from Italy, these field tiles incorporate the warmth of Tuscany into your home.

8.7" x 8.7" Morning Star 250

Offered in four colors, these starburst matte tiles are perfect for floor to wall coverings to create a seamless look.

12" x 12" Mission Series 020

These decorative tiles are sure to add an exotic and warm feel to your home, but the best part is, they will withstand the test of time and are highly durable. They are also an excellent choice for flooring as they are extremely easy to clean.

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