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Design Tile Trend: Beige is Back, But Not Boring

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

6x6 & 2x6 Moorish Decor Series 154

For years, the color gray was the hottest interior design color trend. From kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces, everything was gray. Now that homeowners are looking to replicate the serenity and peace they find outdoors and bring it indoors, beige is making a huge comeback in the home improvement industry.

You may be thinking, "But neutral is so boring." It doesn't have to be. With the right tiles and decorating, you can transform your space into the calm, yet chic sanctuary you've been dreaming about.

Warmth & Texture

1x12 Porcelain Mosaic Wall Tile 020

As we leave the past two years behind us, we are looking forward to a brighter, and more uplifting future. Although beige has been known to be dull, interior designers are using more vibrant tones of beige to combat a drab and outdated space.

"The coming beige and tan-inspired trends will be about choosing modern versions that actually suit the finishes in your home and update them, rather than backdate them..." Says Kylie M of Kylie M Interiors.

We recommend using our 1x12 porcelain mosaic wall tiles that are offered in a bright beige tone to get the look. The terrazzo flooring adds texture to the room, which is a great way to create interest and layers to a neutral room.

Elevate Tone on Tones

5x5 Ivory Ceramic Tile 020, White Porcelain Slab

Tone on tone coloring is a great way to add a minimalistic feel to your home, which is largely inspired by Scandinavian interior design. However, you don't have to go full-on beige. We recommend using a beige tone, like ivory, as your main color, and using a stone slab in a different shade, like above, to break it up and add something fresh.

Adding design accents, like indoor plants, bring in some color, and are a reminder that we are returning to nature in the design world.

Interesting Color Combinations

7x7 Field Tiles Wood & Graphite Stone 154

The warmth of wood combined with other colors is a great way to honor the nature-inspired beige home trend. The bathroom tile in this home scene allows for a sophisticated design with its interesting patterns and unique color combination.


12x24 Sand Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile 020

The upside to beige is that it's a highly versatile neutral that can really work in any space or home style, whether it be modern, art deco, country, transitional, coastal, contemporary, etc.

These 12x24 sand porcelain floor tiles are the perfect in-between combined with the refreshing blue water, and contrast of the large black windows.

Go Beige

Overall, you cannot go wrong with beige, or any variation of the color including tan, cream, camel or taupe, when it comes to interior design. Warm interiors allow for a higher resale value, since they are versatile, calming and nature-inspired.

If you need any assistance in choosing the right products for your home improvement or development project, feel free to reach out to us.

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