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Kitchen backsplash ideas: How to add style with wall tiles for every decor taste

If you're looking for kitchen backsplash inspiration, look no further. We've compiled a list of our favorite ideas to cater to every aesthetic for a perfectly designed space, whether it be traditional, contemporary, modern, mid-century, classic or ornate.

Incorporate different shades of colors

2" x 6.3" Factoria Subway Tile 154

Using shades of complementary colors in your kitchen can allow for a cohesive design. If you are color shy, it might be best to use pastel tile colors, so that your space isn't overbearing.

Elevate whites with glazed tile

2.5" x 8" Glazed Ceramic Tile 020

White glazed ceramic tiles allow for a modern and classic look, with a twist. While white tiles have been used time and time again in the design world, using a gloss finish elevates the look by giving the space a high-end and luxurious feel.

Go dark

5" x 5" Glazed Ceramic Tile 020

A trend that is here to stay, kitchens with dark tones, like black, gray or blue, are sure to add flair to your kitchen. Using dark polished tiles add an extra sense of luxury to the space.

Tone on tone classics

Bianco Marble Waterjet MT 122

This clean and modern kitchen backsplash features waterjet marble mosaics in a gray tone. Pairing these stone mosaics with a marble slab countertop in the same tone allows for continuity and timelessness in the kitchen.

Incorporate a pop of color

3" x 12" Modern Bay Piquet MT 122

A tile backsplash using a colorful pallete can create an accent for the space by creating a point of interest. Choosing high-gloss tiles will allow for a more eye-catching design as well.

Be inspired by nature

18" x 47" Lexington Porcelain Tile 102

If you're looking for award-winning interior design strategies, incorporating nature into your home may just be the way to go. You can achieve this by using our wood look Lexington tiles, offered in a beige tone.

Clean & crisp

Quartz Slab 122-905

Although not a tile option, stain-resistant quartz slabs are a great choice for kitchen wall decor ideas due to their durability, and anti-bacterial properties, which makes them easy to clean.

Luxurious & timeless

12" x 12" White Carrara Wall Mosaic 020

The luxurious look of marble is unlike any other natural stone. These Carrara marble mosaics are perfect for a classic kitchen backsplash for a timeless look.

Bold & graphic

5" x 5" Deco 4 Ceramic Tile 020

Moroccan-style graphic tiles in bold, decorative prints are suitable for adding a punch to your kitchen area. Not to mention, these encaustic tiles can double as artwork, and add charming motifs to your space.

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