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Kitchen Countertops: Calacatta, Carrara or Statuary Marble?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Bianco Carrara Marble Countertop & Backsplash

Marble is a popular material for kitchen countertops. The natural stone signifies luxury and is highly sought after in colors like white, grey, and black. Marble, unlike Quartz or Porcelain, is a naturally occurring stone, meaning that each slab is different from the next. Some marble slabs of the same color may vary in veining, tone and pattern.

The most common Italian marble slabs are Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuary (or Statuario). Although all white marbles, the three stones have a significant difference between them.

Carrara Marble

Bianco Carrara Marble Slab

Carrara marble or Bianco Carrara, the softest in look out of the three, is quarried in Carrara, a town in Tuscany, Italy. Considered a white marble, Carrara is known for its blue-grey feathery veining.

Calacatta Marble

Calacatta Gold Marble Countertop & Backsplash

Also a classic Italian white marble quarried in the alps of Carrara, Calacatta is known for its whiter appearance, accented by grey and gold veining. Calacatta, Calacatta Gold and Calacatta Extra Gold, are all highly desired luxurious stones, especially popular in the United States. The sophisticated and elegant appearance of the white stone has graced beautiful homes for centuries.

Statuary or Statuario Marble

Statuary Marble Slab

Statuary marble, used to carve Italy's great sculptures, is a true classic. Cool grey and fine black veins are cast upon Statuary's bright white surface, leaving less color variation than Calacatta.

Which is the most durable, low-maintenance marble?

There really is no significant difference between the three marbles in durability or maintenance. If you decide to use marble in your kitchen, the stone should be properly sealed, and taken care of, as certain spills can certainly stain your countertops.

Is there a difference in price between the three white marbles?

Carrara white marble is the most affordable marble of the three because it is most quarried. Calacatta marble is the second best-priced marble, leaving Calacatta as the most high-end and expensive stone. Additionally, it is important to consider the thickness of each slab, as thicker slabs are more expensive.

Why choose marble over other more durable stones?

Due to its versatility and classic look, marble can be installed in any home style, whether traditional, contemporary or farmhouse. Homeowners also love marble because of its obvious natural beauty. After some time, marble countertops can show wear and tear over time. However, most Europeans have stone countertops in their homes, and prefer the charming appearance marble offers after many years of use. So if you can live with your countertop not looking absolutely perfect over time, marble may be a great choice for you.

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