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A New Take On Mosaic Tiles - Ombré Mosaic Shower Tiles You Need For Your Next Project

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Imagine the possibilities of a shimmering glass or marble shower in an ombré effect. With the Ombré Mosaic Tile, you can achieve just that. The striking tile is suitable for interior floors & walls, showers and exterior walls.

The Ombré tile series, a collection of either stone or glass mosaics, is characterized by classic marbles & glass presented along a cascading wave.

The marble series sweeps through the legendary white stones from pure white Thassos, to creamy Bianco Dolomiti, into Statuary’s grey on white and the classic grey of Bardiglio Nuvolato, and ending with deep, intense China Black. Each stone is polished for a consistent finish. The design possibilities offered by Ombré are extraordinary, and promise outstanding results.

The glass series similarly descends along a wave of vibrant colored glass, creating an outstanding ombré effect.

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