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Pool Tile Design Ideas: Feel Like You're on Vacation at Home

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Pools are powerful. They have the ability to transport us into a state of relaxation, and if done correctly, can imitate the feel of a serene vacation experience. Since the start of the pandemic, homeowners have begun investing more in their outdoor spaces, and pools are on the top of their priority lists. Not to mention, in today's work obsessed culture, it's important to incorporate calming features into your home to provide that necessary escape for you and your loved ones.

Being said, we've compiled a list of pool tile designs we are sure will inspire you, especially if your much needed vacation is nowhere in sight.

Oversize It

Oversize Chevron Tiles 154 Photo: Åke E:son Lindman

While traditional glass pool tiles are always a great choice when designing your pool, using unconventional tiles, like large chevron tiles will make your pool area feel like a spa. The white color makes for an extremely clean look, and looks beautiful once the white tile is hit by the turquoise colored water.

Let's Play Checkers

Black & White Marble Photo: Brown Hotels

Want your pool area to "wow" you every time you step outside? Create a classic, yet stylish look by using black and white marble in a checkered design, in and out of the pool. We recommend pairing Negro Marquina Marble with Carrera White Marble for a luxurious design.

Change Shape

White Glass Pool Tiles 305

Using curved designs with white glass pool tiles are sure to make you feel like you are vacationing in Greece. Not only do the soft shapes create a sense of peace, but the white and blue colors are very spa-like.

Back to Basics

Porcelain Photo: Snan13

Sometimes simple is better. If you'd like to incorporate a Moroccan style design to your space without the colorful tiling, using porcelain makes for a clean and stylish pool area idea. The great news is, you can use porcelain in and outside, which allows for easy pool maintenance.

Black, White & Green

3x3 Black Porcelain Field Tiles 182, 3x6 White Porcelain Field Tiles 125 Photo: A Bikini A Day

A black and white tiled pool when paired with lush greenery makes for the perfect backyard design idea. To get the look, use our porcelain glass field tiles in black gloss with our porcelain white field tiles in 3x6.

"A well-designed pool not only serves a function but it can be a stunning focal point in a garden, like a giant gorgeous water feature,” says designer Isa Hendry Eaton.

Glow it Up

Glow Pool Tiles 181

Bored with most designs out there? Do you feel as if everything has been done before? Take your pool to the next level with glow in the dark pool tile mosaics. If done strategically, you can incorporate geometric patterns to make for an even outstanding look once it gets dark out. This means you can enjoy your pool late at night after work.

Don't Be Afraid to Go Dark

Dark Pool Tiles 401

Dark glass pool tiles in hues like deep blue and grey allow for a modern Zen design. A dark bottom pool is a subtle, yet beautiful way to make a statement. They are also non-slip pool tiles, as well as easy to clean, which ensure safety for you and your guests. We recommend pairing dark pool tiles with our porcelain field tiles for a high-end design.

Let's Make it Happen

Your home should feel like a place where you can escape, recharge, and feel at peace. We can help you make that dream possible. Visit our West Los Angeles showroom to view our large quantity of products, or contact us for more help. We offer a free design consultation with our in-house designer.

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