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Terracotta Tiles Are Back - Terracotta Floor & Wall Tiles

Terracotta, meaning "baked earth", is one of the oldest tile materials around, dating back to 3000 BCE. Terracotta is known for its deep, rusty clay tones, and is still used today in both traditional and contemporary home styles.

Terracotta tile has made a huge comeback in the recent years, and is favored by homeowners due to the organic feel it brings to any space. Its handcrafted nature means that each tile has a natural variation and texture.

White Terracotta Wall Tile

Not only is terracotta beautifully unique and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also highly durable, and has traditionally been used as a floor tile. However, at Marble & Tile USA, we carry terracotta tiles that are suitable for both floors and walls.

Hex Natural Terracotta Tile

If you are looking to incorporate a rustic, old world feel to your home, terracotta may be perfect for you. While terracotta has traditionally been used in Moroccan or Spanish style homes, it can really be implemented into any home, including farmhouse homes, Italian homes and more.

Glazed Star Terracotta Tile

Natural clay terracotta flooring is known to look better over time, which is why it has been used for centuries. As an added plus, it can be installed in high traffic areas, without any worry.

Glossy Terracotta Tile

At Marble and Tile USA, we offer a wide range of terracotta tiles in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, including glazed and natural finishes.

Allow Us to Assist You

If you like a specific product, but are interested in a different color or variation, feel free to reach out to us as we have hundreds of colors and styles to choose from. Visit our West Los Angeles showroom today.

We understand that home remodeling and project development can be stressful, that's why we're here for you every step of the way. Contact us to schedule your FREE consultation with our in-house designer for assistance.

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